Minimalistic Art BMAR009 John Vegas - Dramma Not Today
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John Vegas – Dramma Not Today


release date
Agu 2013


Ninth release: Minimalistic Art’s new artist John Vegas presents his first work entitled: “Dramma Not Today” a three-tracks EP featuring a vocal collaboration with Diana Payton on the second track.

“Today, among the variety of produced music is not often you can find really independent tracks, not like the others in the sound. How to find your sound? The surest way – to find inspiration by describing of the life stories as we can see at John.

Different stories – different sound. Hence, we have a very diverse release. There is a feeling that it’s not written by one person, and different people. But after listening to the three compositions we can feel something in common, something that could unite all of them. We become the audience, as if spying.
Dramma not today, built on jazz improvisation, accompanied by a variety of Fx and 909 and live drum parties in conjunction with the psychedelic vocals, allows us to get a firm ethnic club groove.
At the heart of the sensual project with the singer from Latvia Diana Payton – deep speaking bass, that creates in the mind images of the forest at night, where the nightingale sings passionately.
Spatial dub house with rough synths, intimate conversations “alone” make the atmosphere of the abstract track “Dab.dva.”… 
John Vegas