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Alba Prat - Digitalized


Alba Prat
Spanish designer and Berlín resident. Her passion of electronic music and her minimalistic, futuristic and androgynous style are the reason of our interest in her and her work.

1. What was your motivation to study fashion?

I wasn’t the typical girl who made dresses for her dolls as a kid, that never occurred to me. In fact I didn’t like dolls, only Playmobils and I think, in some way, I often unconsciously reflect its aesthetic in my designs. As I finished high school, I decided to study environmental sciences. Urban planning, geology, alternative ener gies, climate change, chemistry or meteorology were topics that have always interested me, and they were all part of its program. That’s why I chose them in the first place. I used to think it was a shame that I didn’t choose fashion instead, but on the other hand, I wouldn’t be who I am now without having this scientific background that before. After finishing my studies, I worked in an environment and urbanism agency in Barcelona and, at the same time, did a couple of courses at a fashion school in Barcelona. My interest in fashion started then. One day I decided to quit my job and leave my city to start from scratch in Berlin, where I was lucky to get a place at the University of the Arts after a year of hard working.

2. You did an internship with Christopher Kane in London. How was your experience?

It was really interesting to know how a company, that’s rapidly growing, works on the inside. I worked in the pattern department, where I basically was cutting and sewing fabrics.

3. One of your inspirations to create “Syn Chron” was Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto).What about this artist inspired you?

Syn chron derives from synchronization, a common feature of the works of the German artist Carsten Nicolai. My collection is inspired by them. Known for his aesthetics of precision, his work lies at the intersection of art and science. He unites both fields together in form of sculpture, light and sound installations creating a minimal, cold and technical atmosphere. My approach to Carsten Nicolai is through his visualizations of sound phenomena. I have recorded my heartbeat in two different situations and used special software to visualize it in abstract forms, which are the basis of my prints. These define the two moods of my collection.

Alba Prat - Syn Chron

4. What is your creative and production of the garments process?

I always start with the inspiration research through books, magazines, Internet, museums, architecture, nature, art or music. Then I draw the silhouettes, search for fabrics and, finally, sew the garments with test fabrics.

5. Do you have any kind of pattern/garment/technique that identifies you more?

Instead of a pattern, garment or technique that identifies me, I perhaps have a unique style, minimalist, androgynous, cold and geometric.

6. Do you think that in the future we will see garments made with experimental fabrics, as the neoprene ones you made, at a street level?

Sure! There already are! But garments made with experimental fabrics require a special care and are usually more expensive because of their production process, so not everyone is willing to buy them.

7. What are your plans for this summer and what’s left of 2013?

Moving to London to gain some experience working for more established designers. London, after living seven years in Berlin, is a city where I can imagine myself starting over again.

8. What do you like most about electronic music?

I don’t exactly know. All I know is that when I discovered it, my life changed. I started to go out to clubs depending on their line up, for example. It also is when I started to compulsively download music through Soulseek, a program where users were particularly interested in electronic music. I met my still best friend there, she was one of these users. Most of them were boys, so it was a nice surprise when I realize I was talking to a girl who had a very similar music taste than mine. Also when I first met my ex-boyfriend in a club, we exchanged our Soulseek nicknames instead of our phone numbers. Geeky times. I had my contact list and knew that every week they bought new vinyls and converted them into mp3. But aside of the latest releases, I used to download all the references of my favorite labels, which at that time were more electro than techno. I liked Kompakt, Trapez, Traum, Gigolo and more experimental labels such as Profan. I even bought second hand Technics and learned to spin vinyls. I’ve always watched how djs mix, and pay attention to their musical selection. At that time, I started to buy my favorite vinyls, and I still do it but less frequently.

9. One of your favorite record labels is Drumcode. Who is your favorite artist from this label?

Maybe its founder Adam Beyer, but I also like others such as Joel Mull or Alan Fitzpatrick. I’ve seen them all live at Berghain. Joel Mull was last year in Nation of Gondwana, a really nice “mini” festival in the outskirts of Berlin. He made an amazing set and I follow him since then. 

10. Which is your favorite club in Berlin?Why?

Berghain definitely, because of its unique atmosphere and sound system. The building is fascinating, a former power plant that gives the club its characteristic industrial character.

11. Black or white?


12. What do you think about Minimalistic Art?

I like the concept of promoting artists, whichever their field is, involved with minimalism and experimental music. Let’s see if I can soon contribute again with some of my creations…