Minimalistic Art is a platform of artists created with the purpose of spreding and promoting ideas or creative projects with a minimalistic and experimental concept. We promote means of expression such as: electronic music, paintings, technology, design, fashion and visual means on a minimalistic line.

Minimalistic Art is born out of th estereotype held around the electronic music during the last years. We firmly believe in electronic music out of the the “club” term, where creating music and playing music is frequently misunderstood.

The label aim to recover the electronic music as a means of expression following the same creation process used in art. A new concept that links music with art movements getting as a result creative projects in which converge several disciplines nited by a same purpose.

Thus, our aim is for the people to experiment with another kind of approach to electronic music, with a deeper, innovating and creative vision which will contribute to change that stereotype in many people’s mind.

DEMOS(only stream links):